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Der cHase is the seventh Wolfenstein 3D mod by THW and celebrates the madness of Easter. As with some of the previous sets it features a humorous take on Wolfenstein. This time blending it together with some type of Pac-Man easter egg chase. The colors and theme are vibrant while the gameplay revolves around collecting eggs.

No shooting or stabbing is involved so this mod can be played by kids, players preferring No Gore patches or people disliking any type of violence.

The goal of each level is for the player to collect more than the animalistic guards within a time limit. The maps come in various styles ranging from Pac-Man alike, over mazes to open arenas.

The mod doesn't feature the classical difficulty options but instead changes the artificial intelligence to behave differently on each difficulty. The A.I. can go from being a wicked maze expert to absolutely blind and lost inside the tiniest room.

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