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Des Mannes bester Freund is a mod for Spear of Destiny, made by Orka. It was released on September 29, 2023.


The mod features 21 seamless levels (20 regular and 1 secret), many visual and audio changes, and some coding changes, including increased ammo limit or different enemy behaviour. Some of the levels were contributed by Thomas Weiling (1 level), Justy (1 level) and Gerolf (6 levels). The mod is heavily inspired by other mods, such as Operation: Mutant Strike or Hundenberg, as it has dog-headed soldiers and other mutants as antagonists. It's only available in SDL.


The projects development started around the same time as Being John Blazkowicz in 2021, with this being a side project as the main focus was on BJB, then after its release focus went to contributing to Oldfartenstein. Initially it was supposed to have 12 levels, as the author was quickly out of ideas for interesting levels within the theme. Eventually development stopped around the summer of 2022 due to an HDD crash which caused a major lack of motivation to finish it once and for all. However, members of Team Fugitives showed great interest in a finished product, and the contributors' (Thomas Weiling, Gerolf and Justy) generous map submissions helped the mod to get back on its feet. It went through smaller audiovisual and coding changes from time to time until it became what it is now. Resources are either completely custom or edited, borrowed from other sources to fit the mod's theme which took inspiration from the Monkeeworks mods mentioned above. Not much story were featured in the beginning but as the mod grew bigger it was kind of necessary to give a little bit of context and so the Metal Gear Solid-inspired codec calls were born.


Below is the list of maps featured in the mod.

Level Author
1 Orka
2 Justy
3 Orka
4 Orka
5 Gerolf
6 Orka
7 Thomas Weiling
8 Orka
9 Gerolf
10 Orka
11 Orka
12 Gerolf
13 Orka
14 Gerolf
15 Orka
16 Gerolf
17 Orka
18 Gerolf
19 Orka
20 (Secret) Orka
21 Orka

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