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Desperate Measures is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by BJ Rowan. It was his first release in seven years.

It features 20 levels played in an episodic flow. Level design is of high quality, and a number of new graphics are featured.

Though many new releases and features changed the modding community considerably between 2000 and 2007, Rowan is up to his same old tricks here, with mapping being very much in style with that of Conflict in the Fatherland.

Episode 1 was released in June 2007 and took much of the community by surprise, as nothing has been heard from Rowan for a long time. He opened a web site which, other than this mod, hosted his older work and contained a lot of interesting notes.

After yet another number of years out of the loop, Rowan resurfaced with Episode 2 in April 2012. This has proved to be, as of this writing, the last we have heard from him.

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