The Devil's Attack is a map set for registered Wolfenstein, made by Matthew Barich.

It was advertised as being a trickery-based mods which used the Wolfenstein engine to its advantage, making for an experimental and quite difficult gameplay.

A 4-level demo was eventually released on Matthew's own site in March 2003, and was never submitted to the Wolfenstein 3D Dome.

Being a map set, it is playable in SDL. However, some of the experiments and bugs go unnoticed if not played in DOS. The list of features is as follows:

  • Blocks that disappear when pushed
  • Red-hot walls (and doors)
  • Force fields
  • Places where the game goes totally berserk (vertical lines appear all over the screen, walls appear all over the north side of the level, etc.)
  • Exploring outside the level
  • Suits of armor that attack you
  • Places where the music temporarily pauses
  • Blocks moving by themselves
  • Places where you move uncontrollably
  • Places where your gun fires uncontrollably
  • Places where you temporarily lose your guns and are reduced to a knife
  • Vertical lines on your screen
  • Places where the ceiling changes color (and pattern)
  • Pac-Man ghosts that aren't triggered until YOU SEE THEM
  • Walls that appear as garbled textures AND change appearance as you do various things on a level
  • And countless other things

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Download The Devil's Attack at The Wolf3D Disaster Zone (archived)

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