Planned since late 2014 and completed mid-2015, the DieHard Wolfers Lost Episodes Mapset is the third and so far final entry in a series of community mapsets made by the DieHard Wolfers. Includes minor coding changes and 21 levels from eleven mappers. It takes its visual style from the Lost Episodes mission packs.

Map list Edit

Map number Map author
1 Thomas
2 Executor
3 Ronwolf1705
4 Gerolf
5 Ronwolf1705
6 ThunderEnema
7 AlumiuN
8 Ronwolf1705
9 Fraggeur
10 Metalor
11 Ronwolf1705
12 Dean
13 Ipank7000
14 Serpens
15 ThunderEnema
16 Metalor
17 Serpens
18 AlumiuN
19 Ronwolf1705
20 Gerolf
21 Metalor

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