The Die Hard Wolfers Spear Mapset is a spiritual successor to the previously released DieHard Wolfers SDL Mapset. Sporting 21 maps by eight mappers and minimal coding changes by Andy Nonymous, it was initiated late May 2011 and completed within several months. Followed later on by the Die Hard Wolfers Lost Episodes Mapset, currently the last of the Die Hard Wolfers series.

Map list[edit | edit source]

Map number Map author
1 AReyeP
2 Serpens
3 Hellblazer
4 Dean
5 Dean



7 Megabyte
8 Ronwolf1705
9 Thomas
10 Ronwolf1705
11 Serpens
12 Dean

13 Thomas


15 Ipank7000
16 Hellblazer

17 Thomas
18 Hellblazer

19 Megabyte
20 Megabyte
21 Ronwolf1705

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