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Dunkelburg is a mod for Spear of Destiny, made by Michael Kalous. It was released on February 25, 2005.

It features 21 new levels, and a number of graphics have been changed, including the status bar. The set is meant to be a sequel to Red Sunrise. The maps are mostly large, designed with finer touch and heavily decorated. The overall mood of the set is meant to be darker, secretive and tense.

No EXE was included in the original download.

The mod was re-released as a complete package based on the WolfSDL engine in 2018 with minor map changes.

Author's Editorial[]

After finishing Red Sunrise, I was eager to continue with another mod, but given the amount of coursework on my plate, I decided to create something smaller. Therefore doing 21 maps of SoD was an obvious choice. Loved to work with the new SoD graphics, especially wall types. The maps are mostly massive and decorated, showing certain maturity. I tried to make them immersive and have the player to feel constantly threatened. When this mod was finished, I was proud on it. Now, years later, I see it with a more critical eye. The weakest point is the placement of health and ammo which is scattered around the levels, not in dedicated storage areas. Despite certain weaknesses, I like to re-play the mod here and there for fun.

The best levels are the following: L04, L10, L11, L14, L15, L16. The secret levels and the first boss level are poor, though.

There are some new sound effects - gunshots (borrowed from Shadow Warrior), brown guard ("Alarm"), SS ("Halt!") and the chain gun pickup sound.

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