E1M10 is the tenth map in Wolfenstein 3D, the tenth map in Shareware Wolfenstein 3D, and the tenth map in Episode 1: Escape from Castle Wolfenstein. It is the first secret level in Wolfenstein 3D.

Following this map is E1M2.

Map LayoutEdit

RawMaps 0113 Frame 10

Check the map key if you're having trouble deciphering.

Map StatisticsEdit

Object Type Number
Ammo Items 42
Shots from Pickups 438
Props 221
Directional Markers 7
Doors 23
Push-Walls 15
Enemies on Easy 22
Enemies on Medium 26
Enemies on Hard 33
Bosses 0
Total Enemies 81
Total Objects 325

Official Hintbook DescriptionEdit

From The Official Wolfenstein 3D Hint Book:

WL6MapPages 0050 Layer 10
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