E2M8 is the eighteenth map in Wolfenstein 3D and the eighth map in Episode 2: Operation: Eisenfaust.

Following this map is E2M9.

Map LayoutEdit

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Check the map key if you're having trouble deciphering.

This map is a deceptively simple key retrieval map with the player starting in an unpopulated hallway area. By turning immediately to the left and then turning right at the fork the player can very quickly retrieve the silver key with minimal resistance on the way and a brief battle with some SS in the key room. Having retrieved the silver key, the player can then return to the area where they started, enter the wooden area opposite of the starting elevator, and run through the silver door into another area with some minor resistance and then a key room full of SS. At this point, the player can return to their starting position, go opposite of the direction they went to get the silver key and at the end of a long hallway find a gold door which leads to the elevator. Taking this direct approach will only see the player come into direct conflict with a maximum of 35 of the level's 82 guards and would be a fairly simple level over with quickly.

However, in the hallway on the way to the elevator there is a section with brown weave baskets where the player can find a secret pushwall which leads to the notorious Call Apogee Say Aardwolf maze. Within the maze is 7 Power Ups, two Hans Grosses, 3 crosses, 1 ammo clip (not including the 4 ammo clips at the start of the maze]], and of course the Aardwolf marquee (or, depending on the version, a Bones 3 prop). Notably, it is possible to push an incorrect pushwall and block off the Aardwolf chamber, instead exposing a path to fight one of the Hans Grosses. If you press the correct pushwall instead then the path to the Hans Grosse will be blocked off instead. It is possible to push both pushwalls and block off both paths.

Map StatisticsEdit

Object Type Number
Ammo Items 58
Shots from Pickups 581
Props 255
Directional Markers 24
Doors 42
Push-Walls 179
Enemies on Easy 23
Enemies on Medium 26
Enemies on Hard 31
Bosses 2
Total Enemies 82
Total Objects 541

Official Hintbook DescriptionEdit

From The Official Wolfenstein 3D Hint Book:

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