Earth Anomaly is a Klooni mapset unfortunately released in May 2008 by Serpens. It features ten new maps and a relatively extensive storyline, including intermissions after each floor. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Author's Editorial Edit

This mapset gains a lot by working off an excellent base that is Klooni. However, as a mapset, it needs to be judged based on the two things it actually brings to the table: maps and storyline. The storyline is the very worst work of fiction I have ever published (not that there were many) and deserves to be buried deep under the polar ices. The maps were completely unremarkable and probably my worst effort other than Trilogy Revisited Episode 1. Codetech84, Megabyte and Lilmanjs all deserve kudos for being patient enough to playtest this. Perhaps I will one day make a real Klooni mapset, but in the meantime, don't play this.

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