Eat at Joe's is a Registered Wolfenstein 3D mod by DasFoozGamez released in November of 2000.


The following is from the archived Eat at Joe's online hintbook:

Well once upon a time Damon and Cedric where sitting there and Damon noticed a Christmas card from the Walarious'. He started laughing and told Cedric he had the funniest idea of what a 'Walarious' looked like and drew it on a sheet of paper. Well, Cedric found this quite funny and said he could make a game out of this and Damon liked the idea. So Cedric went and downloaded some Wolfenstein editors and drew a Walarious. They worked on the game, just drawing things until they made the sound 'Eat At Joes' for the end of the game and thus was born 'Eat At Joes'. After that the whole thing centered around the theme Eat At Joe's.



Eat at Joe's was a team effort. The team members included:

Also listed in the special thanks were:

  • Ian
  • Tao
  • Squeak

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