Eat at Joe's 2: Joe's Revenge is a Registered Wolfenstein 3D mod by DasFoozGamez released in December of 2005.


The following is from the included text file:

In Eat At Joes 1 you found Joe's. You broke in and stole some jewels, ammo, & food. Then you left. Well, Joe got a little pissed off and flipped out. He started on a wild rampage killing people and such. Now its your job to find Joe and stop him!



Eat at Joe's 2 was a team effort. The team members included:

Also listed in the special thanks were:

  • The Wright Brothers: Dylan & Tyler
  • Michele
  • Elliot
  • Brad
  • Tao
  • Squeak


  • Map Tribute

    The tribute to Wade in E2M2

    Developer Wade unfortunately passed away at the young age of 21 and never got to see the mod completed. The included text file dedicates the mod to Wade and a tribute to Wade is made in the layout of E2M2.

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