End of Destiny (Full title: Spear End of Destiny) is the second team effort by AReyeP & MCS, following from 2001's Spear Resurrection.

It was released in December 2004 and was one of the most anticipated mods in Wolf modding history. Screenshots had been posted as early as 2003, and for quite a while a lot of people in the modding community were eager to see just what the pair had cooked up this time.

What was eventually released again took the modding scene by storm. A seemingly endless list of newly added features included textured floors and ceilings, weather effects, a fireball machine, a backpack, multiple new weapons, randomized spawning guards, a different set of levels if played on a certain skill (Challenge), switch operated pushwalls and many, many others.

The mapping is likewise of high quality, courtesy of AReyeP, and serves the engine well, as there are many mysteries and challenges therein; especially the secret levels.

An official SDL port has never been released, but one has been worked on by several people over time, including Kyle Albert and Andy Nonymous. It still features some bugs, most notably regenerating bosses.

Trivia Edit

It was also highly influential for the GZDoom mod Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny.

Interacting with suits of armour will play a clip of Lurch saying "you rang?" from the original The Addams Family television series. This has been subject to some debate, however.

The custom engine for the game was borrowed for Tristania 3D.

2010's Allegra Library game The Secret of Graal borrowed a lot from End of Destiny.

Christmas levels Edit

Between 2007 and 2010, a yearly level (or sometimes more than one) was released by AReyeP & MCS, each with a Christmas theme.

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