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== External links ==
== External links ==
[ Download Endlösung (SDL)] at [ The Wolfenstein 3D Vault]
* [ Download Endlösung (SDL)] at [ The Wolfenstein 3D Vault]
* [ YouTube playthrough] (by [[RussianStorm]])
[ YouTube playthrough] (by [[RussianStorm]])
* [ Poll] at [[DieHard Wolfers]]
[[Category:2009 mods]]
[[Category:2009 mods]]

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Endlösung is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling. It was released on May 31, 2009. Coding was done by Ron.

Endlösung follows an episodic flow and contains 5 levels in each episode. No secret levels are included. The levels were made during a time in which Thomas' mapping activity waned down, having released a 60-level project in late 2008 (W.O.L.F.) and NovoWolf still being on hiatus.

The mod features a number of graphic changes, including all bosses. The boss sprites were borrowed from the Image World, and some textures were found in wall packs or put together in a copy/paste job by Thomas.

The level size range from medium to slightly big, but nowhere near the titanic sized levels from All This & Wolf 3D.

Just before release, each level was named after a song;

  • E1L1: Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones)
  • E1L2: Honey Roll (Elton John)
  • E1L3: Silvio (Bob Dylan)
  • E1L4: Cocaine (J.J. Cale/Eric Clapton)
  • E1L5: Setting Me Up (Dire Straits)
  • E2L1: Revolution 1 (The Beatles)
  • E2L2: Sad Songs (Elton John)
  • E2L3: Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
  • E2L4: Knock Me Down (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • E2L5: Porterville (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  • E3L1: Suspicion (Elvis Presley)
  • E3L2: Tight A$ (John Lennon)
  • E3L3: Whiskey Man (The Who)
  • E3L4: Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
  • E3L5: Whispers (Elton John)
  • E4L1: Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan)
  • E4L2: Captain Jack (Billy Joel)
  • E4L3: Stand (R.E.M.)
  • E4L4: Maybe Your Baby (Stevie Wonder)
  • E4L5: The Rising (Bruce Springsteen)
  • E5L1: Penny Lane (The Beatles)
  • E5L2: Sixty Years On (Elton John)
  • E5L3: Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen)
  • E5L4: Love Street (The Doors)
  • E5L5: Back in Black (AC/DC)
  • E6L1: Innuendo (Queen)
  • E6L2: Song for Guy (Elton John)
  • E6L3: Water of Love (Dire Straits)
  • E6L4: The River (Bruce Springsteen)
  • E6L5: The Last Time (The Rolling Stones)

The music playing in E6L2 is Elton John's I Need You to Turn To from his eponymous 1970 album. This was a MIDI file converted to IMF by Thomas briefly before release.

Shortly after finishing Endlösung, Thomas made one of many attempts to start a map set for Spear of Destiny. This was released shortly after Endlösung and was titled Hard Cell.

Endlösung was ported to SDL and released on May 29, 2013.

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