Enigma's Nightmare Part 1 is the first part of a three-instance series created and released in collaboration by Enigma-13, Ix and Frank the Rabbit. Released in 1993, the mod still contains many vanilla maps with only limited changes, but includes very significant visual replacements. The Enigma series stands among the most advanced Wolfenstein mods at the time.

While the version currently in circulation is a later release, where the three sets are split into three separate archives containing not much more than the game files, an earlier release exists, distributed on BBS systems and shareware CDs. Said version includes all three sets in the series in one package, multiple loaders to choose from, an animation advertising the games, an option for "fancy" graphics (although it's currently unclear what it actually does), and another option for X-rated graphics (which unfortunately requires a separate archive not included in the base package). For the sake of completion, both versions are linked below.

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