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Enigma's Nightmare Part 2 is the second part of a three-parter series created and released in collaboration by Enigma-13, Ix and Frank the Rabbit. Released in 1993, the mod is a full 10-map episode replacement that also includes very significant visual replacements. The Enigma series stands among the most advanced Wolfenstein mods at the time.

 Version history[]

The version history of the Enigma's Nightmare series is a somewhat convoluted matter. The current understanding is as follows:

  • Initially at least the first episode was distributed in a separate, small package with nothing but maps and a lightweight installer included; the third episode also had a standalone release. this can be collectively considered as version 1.
  • At a later point, a combined release of all three sets was put into circulation. Said version includes all three sets in the series in one package, multiple loaders to choose from, an animation advertising the games, an option for "fancy" graphics (although it's currently unclear what it actually does), and another option for X-rated graphics (which unfortunately requires a separate archive not included in the base package). We can call this version 2. The release date is 15 June 1993.
  • There was a third release dated September 1993, which was apparently focused on bugfixes. This release is what the currently circulating versions of Enigma's Nightmare sets (found on sites like the Dome or Vault) are based on. This is version 3.

In-between versions 2 and 3, a special "internet screwup" edition was released, in response to another user reportedly uploading damaged copies of Enigma's Nightmare. It included the undamaged files plus some rather scathing remarks directed at the culprit.

Enigma's Nightmare II specifically had an unplayable demo released, which was a short, audio-enhanced animation advertising the set and encouraging the viewer to actively seek it out on BBS boards.

No matter the confusion, we are going to provide as many downloads as possible.

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