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Episode 2: Operation: Eisenfaust is the second episode of Wolfenstein 3D. It's a memorable episode for being the episode which introduced the mutants. Like all of Wolfenstein's episodes, it contains 10 levels split across 8 normal levels, a boss level, and a secret level.

The boss of this episode is Doctor Schabbs.

This episode is the middle episode of The Original Missions trilogy. After this episode comes Episode 3: Die, Führer, Die!.


Post-episode storyEdit


Episode StatisticsEdit

Object Type Number
Ammo Items 377
Shots from Pickups 3317
Props 2103
Directional Markers 72
Doors 240
Push-Walls 228
Enemies on Easy 184
Enemies on Medium 166
Enemies on Hard 218
Bosses 3
Total Enemies 571
Total Objects 2984
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