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Episode 6: Confrontation is the sixth and final episode of Wolfenstein 3D. Like all of Wolfenstein's episodes, it contains 10 levels split across 8 normal levels, a boss level, and a secret level.

The boss of this episode is General Fettgesicht.

This episode is the final episode of The Nocturnal Missions trilogy which chronologically takes place before the events of The Original Missions despite being the final episode in the game. Chronologically, after this episode comes Episode 1: Escape from Castle Wolfenstein. In terms of release dates, after this episode comes the spin-off game Spear of Destiny.


Post-episode storyEdit


Episode StatisticsEdit

Object Type Number
Ammo Items 596
Shots from Pickups 5013
Props 3286
Directional Markers 284
Doors 225
Push-Walls 76
Enemies on Easy 409
Enemies on Medium 339
Enemies on Hard 307
Bosses 5
Total Enemies 1060
Total Objects 4716
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