Escape from Totenhaus is a scenario for the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D created by Laz Rojas. It has served as an inspiration for many remakes and spin-offs, including a Deluxe edition for the Mac and the popular WolfenDOOM scenario.

Story Edit

It's the spring of 1943, and you're working as an undercover agent behind enemy lines, passing yourself off as a German in a quaint Bavarian village. One afternoon, you're sitting in a tavern sipping schnapps and flirting with a pretty fraulein when someone identifies you as an allied spy. Before you can amiably protest and offer to buy the man a drink, somebody else hits you on the back of the head, and the lights go out. The next thing you know, you wake up in what appears to be the basement of a large mansion. But this is no ordinary mansion. This is Totenhaus (House of Death), the dreaded location where Allied spies are taken to be interrogated and executed. Until now, no one has escaped from Totenhaus alive. Will you be the first?

Original / Deluxe Version Edit

The original scenario was released in 1996, marketed and sold by WolfAddict Software. After the collapse of the company, it was sold by Rojas through e-mail until it was eventually put up as freeware. It has all new levels and graphics, mainly recolored textures and sprites from the original game. In 2003, a “Deluxe Version” was released, featuring overhauled levels and new enemy sprites, most notably female guards.

Original Version ScreenshotsEdit

PC Port Edit

Escape from Totenhaus was also ported to PC by Laz Rojas. It was released on January 13, 2003. This port features 10 levels and many new graphics and sounds. Some graphics were based on the Lost Episodes.

The title screen was the only new addition to the VGA, and did not work on many computers. Rojas alluded to this in the Read Me, suggesting that the original Wolfenstein VGA files were used instead, as the only new addition was the title screen.

ECWolf Ports Edit

This mod was ported to ECWolf by AstroCreep in 2016. Available in original style or in an upgraded HD version with 128x textures and global light levels/flats. AstroCreep also converted the Mac versions over to ECWolf in 2018, using that source port’s Ability to load MacWolf scenarios with PC game files.

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