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The Fangs of Fanaticism is a mod for Spear of Destiny, made by Thomas Weiling. It was released on March 31, 2022.


The mod features 19 levels, 17 of which are regular and 2 of which are secret. Some music chunks and graphics were lifted from Wolfenstein 3D, otherwise unseen in Spear of Destiny (bed, sink, stove etc.) though the bosses featured, the Death Knight excepted (replaced by Adolf Hitler), remain the same.

Some of the graphic replacements comes from mods by Wolf3DGuy, Wolf Skevos-Jones and BJ Rowan. Adolf Hitler now wears the suit of the Death Knight. This boss sprite was originally put together by Havoc and featured in 2005's Hitler Strikes Back.

The Ubermutant does not have a boss level; instead it is featured as a mini-boss in numerous levels.


Levels 10 and 20 were made by ack.

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