Floor 6: Pushwall Prelude is the sixth map in Spear of Destiny Mission 3: The Ultimate Challenge.

Following this map is Floor 7: Death Spiral!

Map LayoutEdit

UltimateChallenge 0015 Layer 6

Check the map key if you're having trouble deciphering.

Map StatisticsEdit

Object Type Number
Ammo Items 28
Shots from Pickups 373
Props 272
Directional Markers 16
Doors 37
Push-Walls 10
Enemies on Easy 43
Enemies on Medium 45
Enemies on Hard 44
Bosses 0
Total Enemies 132
Total Objects 431

Official Hintbook DescriptionEdit

From The The Ultimate Challenge Instruction Booklet:

SODMapPages 0015 Layer 48
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