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Galactic Catacombs 3D is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Joshua Waight. It was released on March 31, 2006.

It features 4 levels and was based on Wolfenstein Collection. Numerous graphics have been changed.


The year is 3057 and Earth has been destroyed by an unstoppable alien race. You are Ace "Space boy" Robertson, a star pilot who's job is to search for habitable planets for the human race. The survivors of the destroyed Earth are currently living on a space station. They would stay there but life support is, unfortunately, running low.

You found a habitable planet but before you got a chance to report it in on your computer and send the information back to the station, a missile was fired from some ruins and smashed up your ship pretty badly. You were forced to make an emergency landing and you had crashed into the ruins, which appear to be catacombs or something. An alien is waiting right around the corner, and your mind is telling you to kill him with your Lazer Knife and take his SR-16 Lazer Pistol. Regardless what you do to the alien, you face the fact that you have to escape from these Galactic Catacombs and report this planet to the station. Hopefully, all of the hostiles will be terminated before the other humans arrive.

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