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== External links ==
== External links ==
[ Download Gespenster] at [ The Wolfenstein 3D Vault]
[ Download Gespenster] at [ The Wolfenstein 3D Vault]
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[[Category:2009 mods]]
[[Category:DOS mods]]
[[Category:Registered Wolfenstein 3D]]

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Gespenster is a mod for registered Wolfenstein. It was made by Dakota One.

Originally released in 2003 and withdrawn shortly after by request, it was re-posted on the Dome in September 2009.

It features 10 levels played in a custom EXE, where e.g. the player starts with 200 % health.


The entire VSWAP is lifted from The Golden Episodes, and was edited with sprites and textures from John Bucksnort mods and (possibly) Kehlsteinhaus.

According to Ariel Castañares, as no credit appeared within the mod that bore the mention of The Golden Episodes, he repeatedly asked Dakota One if he would please do so. After several weeks of no reply, Ariel kindly asked Brian to remove the mod from the listing as no proper credit was given.

The original release is thought to have been sometime in either spring or summer 2003. The files date from April, while much of the layout and graphics is reminiscent of Kehlsteinhaus, which was only released in July that year.

As the level design is also quite similar, there is a slight possibility that Dakota One is in fact ToMeanToDie under an earlier alias.

After many years in obscurity, while working on Deadly Sleep, Ariel and Brian came to discuss the mod and seeing as so many years had passed, Ariel saw no reason not to re-release it. It was re-uploaded on the Dome on September 23, 2009 with several bug fixes that were found in the original 2003 set of maps.

External links

Download Gespenster at The Wolfenstein 3D Vault

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