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Gex's Spear Levels Pack is map set for Spear of Destiny by the DieHard Wolfers community. Originated by Gex in 2004 and initially meant to be a contest, the set was eventually released in September 2005 as a map set and includes 21 levels made by six different mappers.

Levels were contributed by veterans such as ack and Brian Lowe, while newcomers De Zeurkous, Possum Trot and Otto also contributed.

Some of Possum Trot's levels had already appeared in Secrets of Offenbach and would later appear in Nazi Operation.

De Zeurkous' level was most likely finished and submitted sometime in late 2004, as by the time of the map set's release, he had left the scene.

Map list[]

Map number Map author
1 Gex
2 Schabbs
3 De Zeurkous
4 Thomas
5 ack
6 Gex
7 Thomas
8 Schabbs
9 Thomas
10 Gex
11 Gex
12 Schabbs
13 Thomas
14 Thomas
15 Gex
16 Gex/Thomas
17 ack
18 Gex
19 Otto
20 Thomas
21 Gex

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