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Ghosts was a community add-on for the original A Doll's House by Poet. The DOS version was released on October 21, 2008 but was withdrawn sometime after and remade since then into a standalone game along with A Doll's House.

The actual version of Ghosts doesn't feature any of the community made maps anymore and everything including the assets have been reworked.

List of maps[]

Map number Map author
1 Poet
2 Venom Inc.
3 LY203 Productions
4 Poet
5 Tommy Olstad
6 LY203 Productions
7 Poet
8 AlumiuN
9 Nexion
10 Tommy Olstad
11 LY203 Productions
12 Poet
13 Tommy Olstad
14 Venom Inc.
15 AReyeP
16 Tommy Olstad

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