The player (red car) battles the police.

Grand Theft Auto III is a mod for shareware Wolfenstein, made by David O'Rafferty. It was released on July 13, 2003.

Inspired by the Grand Theft Auto franchise, it features no standard handheld weapons, but all weapons have instead been replaced by a car, which does various things in place of the weapons; instead of a knife, the car jumps up and down as if using hydraulics; pistol, machine gun and chain gun fire all comes from inside the car in the vein of a drive-by situation.

Guards have been replaced by police cars. Health items have been replaced by hokers [sic] and treasure items are now differently colored cars. Many textures have been replaced, and now depict apartment complexes and other buildings, making for a fun gameplay that rolls the experiences of Compton and Legoland into one.

Music and sounds have not been replaced, making the experience a little bit surreal as well.

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