Grosse, also known as The Grosse Experience, released by Joshua on 13th May Anno Domini 2019, is a brave and unexpected foray into abstract art combined with experimental theology, as well as a serious attempt at irrecoverably altering the past and future human mytho-historical record. This work of art revels in deconstructing war (and - metaphorically - all human endeavor) as a futile struggle, at the same time dismantling and reassembling reality into an entirely new, incomprehensible construct of terror and atrocity. And should you find yourself insane enough to brave the game and its only level, you will soon find out that Hans Grosse is pretty much the only entity that still works as intended in this damaged cosmos, therefore proving that He is the one and only God. The Grosse Experience is therefore one of a perfect deity calmly towering over a broken universe.

UPDATE: the Author has spoken, revealing that The Grosse Experience is merely the first part of a trilogy. While details on the nature of the upcoming two parts are currently veiled in dark mystery, it is clear that further pursuing the road already taken will be deleterious to the multiverse. The Triad has dispatched a strike team meant to prevent this course of action.

UPDATE II: the Author has spoken again, insisting that the most important qualities of the release are in fact technical issues, and pointing towards the in-game Read Me section. It is The Triad's belief, based on the assessment of a team of experts, that these deceitful words are merely a reflection of the author's dismay at his own actions. Likewise, the Read Me section and its contents are a clever feint meant to divert attention from real objectives. Attempts at subjugation - or, if impossible, destruction - of the target are ongoing.

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Hark! Divine judgement knows no mercy and punishment is swift and cruel. Merely gazing upon this work is an act of blasphemy. You are of course free to do as you will, for the human nature is one of unchained freedom, but keep in mind that choosing to exercise this freedom can mean a fate worse than death.

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