H.K. Rules, also known as was the name of a project that featured on the old Chokage site. Though a download link was available for a time, it has long since been deleted. It was authored by Paul Mailloux.

For years afterward, when clicking the link the following information would appear:

Can't wait to get your hands on this game eh? Mail your comments to and see what
he says. Bear in mind he might not know what the heck you're talking about unless you mention the words Wolfenstein and Cars. I think this game is still on
his old computer too. :)

The mod obviously featured players and antagonists riding in cars, a trait not often seen in Wolfenstein 3D mods and not at all before 2003's Grand Theft Auto III.

A later description, which collected all Chokage mods in one text file, stated rather simply:

H.K. Rules  -  *** Car fanatics, go crazy. Bizarre levels.

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