H.K. Rules, also known as HemiKid.zip was the name of a project that featured on the old Chokage site. Though a download link was available for a time, it has long since been deleted. It was authored by Paul Mailloux.

For years afterward, when clicking the link the following information would appear:

Can't wait to get your hands on this game eh? Mail your comments to beerdoctor@hotmail.com and see what
he says. Bear in mind he might not know what the heck you're talking about unless you mention the words Wolfenstein and Cars. I think this game is still on
his old computer too. :)

The mod obviously featured players and antagonists riding in cars, a trait not often seen in Wolfenstein 3D mods and not at all before 2003's Grand Theft Auto III.

A later description, which collected all Chokage mods in one text file, stated rather simply:

H.K. Rules  -  *** Car fanatics, go crazy. Bizarre levels.

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