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Halten Sie! is a scenario for the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D made by Laz Rojas. It features 11 new levels and various new wall textures. It later inspired a WolfenDOOM scenario by the same name, as well as a PC and ECWolf port.


Once again, you must escape from a dark and evil Nazi prison -- only this time, the fate of the free world depends on it. The Nazis are planning a secret attack that might decimate the Allies, and only you know about it. Can you warn them in time?

PC Port[]

Halten Sie! was ported to the PC version of Wolfenstein 3D by Laz Rojas on December 24, 2002. The port features 10 levels, played on Episode 1, and a number of changed graphics and sounds. Level 2 was dropped so that the level set could be contained within Episode 1.

As with Rojas' only other Windows/PC mod, Escape from Totenhaus, the VGA is not functional on all computers, and using the original Wolfenstein files is recommended.

ECWolf Ports[]

This mod was ported to ECWolf by AstroCreep in 2015. It features updated features such as DECORATE copies of the SOD bosses and a remake of the missing 2nd level from the original Mac scenario. Available in original style or in an upgraded HD version with 128x textures and global light levels/flats.

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