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{{Mod|title1 = Heil Hitler!|image1 = C8B5223F-4D44-469C-B09F-E340D2FFC4F9.gif|author(s) = [[Sam Feichter]]|release_date = November 14, 2001|base_game = Registered Wolfenstein|sourceport = DOS|type = Mod|code_changes = No|maps = 4|new_graphics = Yes|files_included = Maps, VGA & VSWAP|caption1 = Title screen}}Heil Hitler!!! is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by [[Sam Feichter]]. It was released on November 14, 2001.
{{Mod|title1 = Heil Hitler!|image1 = C8B5223F-4D44-469C-B09F-E340D2FFC4F9.gif|author(s) = AstroCreep|release_date = 2001|base_game = Wolfenstein 3D 1.4|sourceport = DOS|type = Partial Conversion|code_changes = No|maps = 4|new_graphics = Yes|files_included = Gamemaps, vswap, vgahead}}
== Description ==
Initially announced on August 16, 2001, with updates appearing time and again on the [[Wolfenstein 3D Dome]] News, what eventually got released featured only 4 levels, with the project being abandoned shortly thereafter. [[Sam Feichter|Feichter]] would gradually leave the scene through 2001 and early 2002, and would not return until [[SamWolf 3D|SamWolf]] in 2006.
An early mod by [https://wl6.fandom.com/wiki/Sam_Feichter AstroCreep], this set had 4 levels, and many new graphics. This mod was abandoned, and AstroCreep disappeared for about 5 years (presumably kidnapped by deadly space vixens from Venus)
==External links<nowiki/>==
Download Link [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TZjjvmxku-BDPMDnFmr0738K-eZldVp_]
* [http://wolfenvault.com/files/mods/ghi/heilhitler.zip Download Heil Hitler!!!] at [http://wolfenvault.com The Wolfenstein 3D Vault]
* News at the [http://www.belowe.demon.co.uk/index8.html Dome: JUL/AUG 2001]
* News at the [[Dome]]: [http://wolf3d.net/archives/LOWE/index9.html OCT/DEC 2001]
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