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Intergalactic Marine is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Joshua Waight. It was released on March 3, 2007.

It features 5 new levels and numerous new graphics, taking place in an alien/sci-fi universe. though some were culled from Astrostein and DOOM mods. It uses the EXE of Wolfenstein Collection.


The year is 3198, and the human race is engulfed with an alien race called the Zkraaz. The war has been raging for years, but the humans finally invented a new weapon, Cybernetic Marines.

These Marines can push themselves harder and further then any other creature. Equipped with a blade built into their hands and a scanner in their new eyes, the CM-Units are the dominant force on any battlefield.

CM-Units pushed the Zkraaz forces to a distant planet in the Rigel Solar System. Although the scanners read only a few Zkraaz forces, the scanners were unable to detect the secret base that was already established here by the Zkraaz. 

11 CM piloted Dropships made their descent to the planet, unfortunately the LZs were hot ones. Luckily, your engine suffered damage and you overshot the LZs. You are the only survivor, going up against an army of Zkraaz. You are CM-023, do you have what it takes to defeat your enemies, Marine?

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