John Bucksnort (1918-2001), aka Mutant Maker, was a modder who managed to put out more than two dozens of mods despite only being on the scene for roughly 18 months. Bucksnort was in his early 80's when he started modding, making him by far the oldest modder ever to grace the scene.

His mods were notorious for their fast pace, aggressive action, compact level design and trickery, including keys in secret areas, many areas filled with debris and other blood-related sprites. Aesthetically, his main sources of inspiration came from Spear of Destiny and DOOM.


The tribute to Bucksnort included in Beyond Mutantstein SE

From his Wolfer Spotlight entry, written by Andy Nonymous:

John Bucksnort made quite a mark on the Wolfenstein community in only 18 months: he was an actual World War II veteran; started modding in his early 80's; released 25 quality add-ons; contributed to two other mods; and founded the "Spear of Destiny Fan Club" on Yahoo. He was such an energetic and unique character that some even questioned whether he was real.

Bucksnort sadly passed away on September 15, 2001. His grandson Bobby and his wife Lakota (born in 1924) continued to make mods, very much in style with what John Bucksnort himself had put out.

All of John Bucksnort's mods were ported to SDL between May and November 2012 by Andy Nonymous.

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