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Justiiue's Stupid imagination is a mod that shouldn't exist, yet it does. It belongs to the level of Joshua and OMJ mods. It was created using ChaosEdit as the only utility.

This mod was Justy Zam's Introduction to Wolf modding and before he joined the Wolf3D community. He started making a mod shortly after discovering ChaosEdit in early 2018 and began exploring the editor. At the time, Justy was only capable of chaning graphics, textures, and maps. Having no formal idea for a mod in mind at the time, he decided to do whatever his heart (or his stupid brain more likely) told him to do.

Although the mod features some new, terrible, and cursed graphics, no effort has gone into the only 2 new maps featured in the game. Episode 3, Floor 2 is an entirely new map that resemble the school map from the 2018 indie game Baldi's Basics in Eduction and Learning. Episode 2, Floor 2 is a nightmare.

New graphics include ripped sprites of Undertale characters Asgore & Undyne coming from TheSpriters'Resource, ripped sprites from the aforementioned Baldi's Basics, a ripped sprite from a little-known game Don't Chat with Strangers, borrowed officer sprites from Architect, WSJ, & BJ Rowan, ripped sprites from screenshots of the TV show, Star vs the Forces of Evil, and a hand-drawn boss set of Toffee from the latter. Probably the only accepted element this mod has to offer is its title screen, which looks so good that it fools people into thinking it will be a nice mod, only to fall into a trap.


Justy Zam has no intentions of releasing this mod. As of 2019, it remains locked up somewhere in Area 52, though from time to time, Justy uses it to test graphics and such for what we hope will be a better mod, one that won't pose a threat to anyone and won't need to be contained.