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Knee-Deep is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling with coding changes by AlumiuN. It was released on October 15, 2023.


Having been a DOOM fan for many years on and off starting in 1999 with Doom95 side by side with shareware Wolfenstein, and having used several facets of DOOM in some of his mods, this was Thomas' first mod to fully explore the atmosphere of DOOM with very few if any traces left of original Wolfenstein 3D. Mainly a fan of the first two episodes of DOOM, the mod was named after Knee-Deep in the Dead, probably the most known part of DOOM as it was also featured as the shareware version.


6 levels are featured, with the first five of these are also heavily influenced by their original counterpart. Level 6 is much more similar in style to DOOM's E1M8. The storyline of the mod is similar to Knee-Deep in the Dead but with much more distance and irony. Instead, the mod focuses on utilizing features mainly found only in original DOOM, having very few if any things from DOOM II onward included. The number of objects and guards was also very conservative and downsized, though the mod in many ways was very much inspired by/lifted from well-known Wolfenstein 3D mods that used DOOM as its base, e.g. WolfenDOOM, Dead World Rising and Klooni.

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