Kreml 3D was a project that was being worked on by a number of modders during 2003 and 2004. The mod was close to being a community effort, as upwards of six people were working on the project, including:

Initially announced in early 2003, the mod look to the Soviet Union and its history rather than Nazi Germany; similar to the earlier Commiestein 3-D and Red Alert , as well as the later Russian Front projects. Multiple scenarios were featured, as evidenced by the screenshots that were posted on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome in May 2003.

The project featured brand new graphics and sounds, impressive coding changes such as a whole host of new weaponry, textured floors and ceilings, animated objects and many other things.


These three screenshots were posted on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome in May 2003 and each feature a different scenario.

Numerous updates were posted on the project on the DieHard Wolfers' forum, and the mod also got its own ModDB site. Over time, several people came and went from the project, and it eventually went into decline with little to no activity in spite of most of the work being done on the project.

Together with End of Destiny, Kreml 3D was one of the most anticipated Wolfenstein 3D mods of its day. After the release of End of Destiny, the project went into oblivion, though it was brought up in a DieHard Wolfers thread in August 2006. A brief discussion followed, but the thread quickly died out.

But it was this thread in which Martin Krysiak posted for the first time in eight years; on September 9, 2014, Krysiak explained that a coding bug halted work on the mod for a long time, and it was eventually the lack of solving this that made the mod run its course so quickly. However, Adam Biser replied to this post and claimed he had most of the working files for Kreml 3D:

Well, if Martin is interested, I have backups of all Kreml3D files I ever received. Some data files from March/April 2004, VSWAP from Sept 2004, maps from June 2005 and source code from Sept 2004. And several older file versions as well.

Sadly, Krysiak has not yet returned to the Wolfenstein modding scene after posting in the thread. The project's future is uncertain, though Adam Biser most likely still has the functioning files.


New enemies and weapons


New chaingun art

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