Kristallnacht is a mod released by ToMeanToDie (John Loftis). It was released in July 2003 and is based on The Final Solution v3.0's source code which was generally available at the time.

The mod's storyline is based on the events on November 9, 1938, the actual Kristallnacht. The story also touches upon the Holocaust and the plight of the Jews during WWII.

From a graphical standpoint, the mod borrows graphics from The Final Solution and Spear Resurrection but also uses textures found in ToMeanToDie's other mod, Kehlsteinhaus. Certain graphics also come from Blake Stone.

The mapping is pretty extensive, and most of the levels are large in size. It follows the boss flow of The Final Solution, and also uses ambient sounds (such as thunder) with numerous new sounds unique to the mod.

Released on July 18, 2003, it was announced only shortly before hand, on July 7. That same day, a number of screenshots were uploaded to the Dome, including a title screen that went unused in the final version (see below).


This title screen was not used in the released version.

As this is based on The Final Solution, which is still not ported to SDL, Kristallnacht is only playable in DOS.

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