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The world is decimated by nuclear warfare in the year of 2180. Survivors felt shelter where they could, including a vast labyrinth of caverns called Wonderland. 83 years have passed since that war and mankind is rebuilding their societies on the planet's surface, but the walled city of Krucible is ruled by the tyrannical Government of Order; a regime dedicated to keeping the weak under their rule or face death... Or much worse.

Beneaath the Raven Wood disctrict of Krucible, in the bowels of Wonderland, a young woman awakens with no memory of her life to explain how she found herself in such a desolate place.


Originally, Krucible was conceived as a gothic version of Grand Theft Auto with an open world environment and multiple jobs to take while driving around in batmobiles and carriages. After several attempts with RPG Maker 2000, the developer decided to turn the idea into a heavily modified version of Wolfenstein 3D featuring vendors, character dialogue, and a dark

A screenshot of Krucible's merchant system at work...

industrial atmosphere wrapped around a dark story.

During the development, there had been many problems that have come to Joshua Waight's (AKA Mad Wolf) attention and in the end, he felt more work was demanded rather than having his free time spent developing such entertainment appreciated. Certain e-mails, comments, and criticisms resulted in the developer deciding to offer his creativity in different mediums and turning his back on modding.

Despite his anger and frustration, Josh released version 1.2 with a few new features at ModDB...


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