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Linuxwolf is a Wolfenstein 3D modder from Australia who joined the community in the early 2000s and has remained actively involved in mod development ever since. He also joined Team Raycast around the same time.

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As lead programmer Linuxwolf completed several mods over his time with Team Raycast.

EisenEdit - 3D Editing in OpenGL Edit


Linuxwolf released source code for a relatively new Wolfenstein 3D mapping tool EisenEdit on Github.


The tool features an integrated 3d viewing mode that runs alongside the normal 2d tile-editing view. The 3d view allows the level designer to navigate the map using a Modern-era movement scheme (WASD keys and mouse).

Support for the UWMF in EisenEdit Edit

The UWMF or Universal Wolfenstein Map Format, is the native map format for ECWolf which provides additional benefits. Linuxwolf has begun working on a new version of EisenEdit with support for the UWMF.


LZWolf Edit

Linuxwolf has forked ECWolf 1.3.99999 into a new project called LZWolf. The new LZWolf project boasts a number of new features, not the least of which is support for parallax sky - including Doom sky! Full source code is available and contributors are welcome.

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