This is a list of mods for Wolf3D focusing heavily on cartoon or comic style. While Wolfenstein 3D has on its own cartoonish tendencies some mods went a step further and dipped the player's eyes into the vibrant palette. To reflect the source visuals most of the mods make graphical changes the priority. Many mods like Spongebobstein are rather swapped Wolf3D versions but capturing the theme audio-visually well. There are some exceptions like Team Raycast's Green Arrow which keeps the original Wolf3D graphic style but puts more weight on the comic story, characters and features. The overall amount of mods is quite limited in number due to the visual nature. Even with a more simple cel-shaded look it takes the author usually tons of effort to create all without going insane or being distracted by life. Thanks to the lack of suitable resources to rip in the 1990's and early 2000's, some mods just ditched this type of effort and went with Wolf3D based graphics instead. Unlisted mods with badly drawn or super-ugly graphics shouldn't be confused with simplistic cartoon styles in 64x64 low-res.

Title Author Release date Notes
Avatar 3D Duke of Skibbington 2015; unreleased Based on Avatar: The Last Airbender
Barneystein 3-D PC-Crap 1993 Based on TV series.
Batman Ian Skevos-Jones 2003-09-20 Based on comic.
Batman vs Bane Team Raycast 2012-06-16 Based on comic.
Batman: No Man's Land Team Raycast 2015-03-12 Based on comic.
Batman: Wrath of Mr. Freeze Ian Skevos-Jones 2003-12-20 Based on comic.
Crash Bandicoot Metalor 2006-04-24 Based on game.
Crash Bandicoot 2 Metalor 2006-06-06 Based on game.
Drawn and Quartered Ringman 2006-04-03
Green Arrow Team Raycast 2016-10-23 Based on comic.
Invasion of the Cartoons Metalor 2005-05-17 Based on multiple things.
Invasion of the Cartoons 2 Metalor dead
Punisher, The Majik Monkee dead Based on comic.
S.K.U.N.K.Z. Dumscheissekopf dead
Simpson Mania Metalor dead Based on cartoon.
Sin City MrWolf dead Based on cartoon.
South Park 3D TheDebonairNomad dead Based on cartoon.
Southern Hell Metalor 2003-08-03 Based on cartoon.
Spongebobstein Metalor 2003-08-16 Based on cartoon.
The Tracey Simpsons Show Officer-Michael John 2019-03-02 Based on cartoon.
Vegas Wright Brothers dead
Venom Madwolf 2007-10-25 Based on comic.
Zillion 3D smokingsimon 2014-03-25 Based on anime.
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