Wolfenstein 3D Wiki

This is a list of humorous Wolf3D modifications trying to bring a smile to your face. The humor in some of the mods can be very dull, lighthearted, sarcastic or even offensive. Several mods are also just going for the plain insane style or try to entertain you with endless amount of randomness. Quality is usually not a focus point and it often only revolves around ideas and jokes.

Title Author Release date Notes
Barneystein 3-D PC-Crap 1993 Barney the dinosaur feat. Beavis and Butt-Head.
Best Mod in the World Ueberwolf 2006-07-10
Burgerstein Ross Williams 2002-08-10
Bushenstein 3-D Dr. Chainsaw 2005-07-07
Castle Hasselhoff Dr. Chainsaw 2007-02-21
Catstein 2 Joshua Moore 2004-12-13 Demo.
Chokage Chris 1998-08-27
Devid NATION Devidon52 2014-06-12
Destroyers Of Ignas Ueberwolf 2004-11-13
Eat At Joes DasFooz Gamez 2000-11-11
Eat at Joes 2 DasFooz Gamez 2005-11-04
Guy Smiley's Super Gayness TheTalentedMrLeo Unknown
Hitler's Ark Dr. Chainsaw 2007-04-26
Invasion of the Cartoons Metalor 2005-05-17
Invasion of the Cartoons 2 Metalor Unknown
Jennystein J. Chokan 1998-12-30 Addon for Chokage
Kurt vs. The Master The Master 404 Never ever. Joke is on you.
Nazi PANIC! Dr. Chainsaw 2006-02-19
Nazis with Attitude Dr. Chainsaw 2007-03-18
Party 3D Demetrium 2007-06-13 Might be from 2004/2005.
Pineapplestein McKone, Jo, Neo 2002-02-28
Pineapplestein 2 McKone, Jo, Neo 2002-08-27
Pokestein 3D Lizardcommando 2004-04-30 Demo only. Based on Pokemon.
Pots n' Pans J. & P. Potvin 1998-12-30 Addon for Chokage.
South Park 3D TheDebonairNomad Cancelled
Super Stevenstein Sotwizz 1999-07-13
The Awakening AstroCreep 2019-05-13
The Garrett Game DasFooz Gamez 2001-05-31 Might been released in 1996
The Nazi Show! Dr. Chainsaw 2005-08-13
The Quazampium Chronicles DasFooz Gamez 2001 The Garret Game Remix.
The Tracey Simpsons Show Officer-Michael John 2019-03-02
Vegas Wright Brothers Unknown
Wolfenstein Bloopers thejosh Cancelled