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List of erotic mods This is a list of erotic themed Wolfenstein 3D mods that focus heavily on erotic or outright porn elements. Like in any other modding scene the qualities of such mods or patches range from the usual crude ones to high quality 64x64 imagery. So far there has been no attempt of making HD mods or a Ron Jeremy mod and therefore the mods could be sub-labeled as fantasy erotica. As it is often common there has been a heavy focus on female bodies and due to this the community is still thirsting for a male variation showcasing B.J.'s big freaking gun and the secret meaning of his name.

Title Author Release date Notes
Bob's Girls Bob Daum 2000-07-15
FARMWOLF 1993-09-28
Femstein Doomjedi & WLHack 2007-04-01 Exists as a censored version.
Hotel Pornostein Mr. Choi 2003-02-21
Hotel Romanstein Mr. Choi 2004-08-31
Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition Mr. Choi 2008-12-19
Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 Mr. Choi 2009-10-26
Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 3 Mr. Choi 2009-11-10 Only an alpha version exists.
Hotel Romanstein 2: Xmas Party Mr. Choi 2005-12-21
Hotel Romanstein 3: Dissolution of Romance Nazi Mr. Choi 2006-01-07
Hotel Romanstein 4: Manga Quest Mr. Choi 2006-01-19
Hotel Romanstein 5: Return to Hotel Romanstein Mr. Choi 2007-12-18
Hotel Romanstein 6: Last Christmas Mr. Choi 2007-12-19
Hotel Romanstein 7 Mr. Choi 2007-12-25 Censored release as 'Teen Version'.
Hotel Romanstein 8 Mr. Choi 2008-01-11 Censored release as 'Teen Version'.
Krankenstein Vincent 2009-05-04
Krankenstein 2 Vincent 2010-12-13
R WOLF 1992-08-20
Romanstein Caverns Acord Games 2010-04-23 Unofficial spin-off of Hotel Romanstein.
Serpent on the Mount Joshua 2014-03-31 Mainly the map layout shows erotic details.
The Awakening AstroCreep 2019-05-13
WLFNEWGR Spam 1992-05-29
Wlfnewgr2 Spam & Shannon Rysewyk 1995-12-02