This is a list of mods for Wolfenstein 3D that have a holiday theme; often as a graphics patch for established content.

Title Author Release date Notes
Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy Halloween Pack Team RayCast 2015 Halloween
[Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy New Year's Eve Pack]] Team RayCast 2015 Christmas and New Years
[[Operation Eisenfaust: Origins Christmas Pack ] Team RayCast 2012 Christmas
Hotel Romanstein 6: Last Christmas Mr. Choi 2007 Christmas
Hotel Romanstein 2: Xmas Party Mr. Choi 2005 Christmas
Tracey Simpsons Show Halloween VSWAP Officer-Michael John 2018 Christmas
Hallowein v3 Colonel Bill 2019 Halloween
Christmas Day Officer-Michael John 2017 Christmas
Merry Wolfmas 2016 Military 2016 Christmas
Xmas 2013 Dean 2013 Christmas
HalloWolf The Incredible Pete 2011 Halloween
The Night After Christmas Ringman 2003 Christmas
Scarystein v2.0 JJ 2002 Christmas; Episode 2, Level 1
Arielus's Xmas Wolfenstein 3-D Bob & Adrienne 1998, 2002 Christmas
Hallowein Colonel Bill 1997 Halloween
Santa Claws 3D [[[LynxJSA]], 1994, 2012 Christmas
Xmas Wolf Ariel Castañares 1993, 1997 Christmas
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