This is a list of horror themed Wolfenstein 3D mods that focus primarily horror elements. Generally such type of mods are more action-packed and light on horror atmosphere due to the nature of Wolfenstein 3D modding and the game's fast-paced shooter gameplay. There are some mods that involve survival horror and quite a few are bridging over into sci-fi themes. Some may create real dreadful horror in your room while others can devastate you in office space where no one should hear you scream. Quite a few are not for the faint-hearted and may require first aid or safety spaces when they unleash the absolute horror of pixel mess upon one's eyes.

Title Author Release date Notes
Aliens DGM Cancelled
ALIENwolf M. Fleig 1993-12-07
Beyond the Grave ThunderEnema & Gerolf 2017-11-02
Brutal Death Dealer of Annihilation kary 2016-10-01
Castle of the Nazi Zombies! Legendary Power Games 2010-08-13
Cube M2 Software Unknown
Dawn of the Dead: Hell on Earth Wes Desjardins 2003-06-03
Dead Reckoning K. Reid 2004-09-10 Only a 9 and 10 level demo exists.
Doom: Legions of Hell Insurrectionman 2007-03-19
Doom: Legions Revisited Insurrectionman 2010-10-25 Only Episode 1 has been released.
Dungeon Cephalis Amirtes 2001-05-16
Evil Dead M2 Software Unknown
Frayed Joshua Waight 2009-05-14 Remade as Frayed: Fiend Edition.
Gates of Hell MINOTAURiii975 2004-10-29
Hallowein 3D Colonel Bill 1997-10-31
HalloWolf Incredible Pete 2011-11-01 2 level demo only.
Halls of Stonehenge Majik Monkee & Ack 2003-11-01
Halls of Stonehenge: Special Edition Majik Monkee & Ack 2004-06-16
Haunted House KFH Games 2002-05-15 Only a demo exists.
Hellraiser Mäx 2005 Only a very rough demo prototype exists.
Klooni KFH Games 2007-12-08
Krucible Joshua Waight 2016-09-25 Withdrawn at some point.
Krucible: Insanitarium Joshua Waight 2011-10-30
Mansion X Haasboy Unknown
Mega Wolf OmegAkira & Kanata 1994-04-06
Monster Bash 3D Ryan Steinbruner Unknown
Overdose Dunkelschwamm Cancelled
Planet Nexion Nexion 2008-09-10
Predator Wes Desjardins 2003-06-27
Raw Meat Ryan Steinbruner 2002-05-31
Resident Doom Metalor Unknown
Resident Evil Richter Belmont 2004-12-18
Resident Evil: Cover Operation Richter Belmont 2005-12-18
Resident Evil Unleashed Joshua Waight 2014-12-03
Resistant Warthower 2008-06-18
Scarystein JJ 2002-07-21
Screamstein 2000 Merijn Heijnen 1999-12-25
Screamstein 3D Merijn Heijnen 1999-08-15
Sensenmann Mäx 2004-04-09
Shadow Ragers Atina & Nexion TBD
Ship of Zombies Karle Unknown
The Black House Majik Monkee 2012-10-25
The House of the Dead The Other Side weirdmodd666 2009-02-08 Only a beta exists.
The Ravenous Dunkelschwamm 2006-05-06
The Thing Wes Desjardins 2002-10-26
The Untold Story Mäx 2004-08-30
Witching Hour Atina & Nexion 2014-10-31
Zombies Wes Desjardins 2002-09-05
Zombies in LA Wes Desjardins 2002-09-09
ZombieWolf thexhuman Cancelled
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