Wolfenstein 3D Wiki

This is a list of Wolfenstein 3D mods based on movies and TV series. So far there have been only a handful of mods based on a serial. Probably due to the nature of movies. Since the engine runs normally at 70 fps you can see about 2.92 times more content each second than you would when watching movies. This way the story-telling is quite rapid and due to the speed it allows the player to control the main actor and change the outcome of the various scenes before the video screen is updated to continue the story. Worth mentioning is that around 1994 an official Hellraiser game using the Wolf3D engine was in development but got cancelled and turned into Super Noah's Ark instead.

Title Author Release date Notes
Aliens DGM Cancelled
ALIENwolf M. Fleig 1993-12-07
Assault on Precinct 13 MrWolf 2003 Closed 1 level demo.
Barneystein 3-D PC-Crap 1993 Barney the dinosaur feat. Beavis and Butt-Head.
Borg Panic Cap'n Henk & Pikachu14 2009-08-22 Demo only. Based on Star Trek.
Cube M2 Software Unknown
Dalek War 2087AD Paul Stone Unknown Based on Doctor Who.
Daleks Dr. Von Loon 2006-11-12 Based on Doctor Who.
Dawn of the Dead: Hell on Earth Wes Desjardins 2003-06-03
Doctor Who Venom Inc. 2009-06-06
Doom: The Movie Joshua Waight 2007-12-28
Evil Dead M2 Software Unknown
Hellraiser Mäx 2005 Demo prototype.
The Thing Wes Desjardins 2002-10-26
Men in Black Dr. Von Loon 2006-12-21
Operation: Aliens Wes Desjardins 2003-03-12 1-level demo. Based on Aliens.
Pokestein 3D Lizardcommando 2004-04-30 Demo only. Based on Pokemon.
Predator Wes Desjardins 2003-06-27
Resident Evil Richter Belmont 2004-12-18
Resident Evil: Cover Operation Richter Belmont 2005-12-18
Resident Evil Unleashed Joshua Waight 2014-12-03
Robocop 4 Little Snabes & John Bucksnort 2001-01-06 Beta version only.
Screamstein 2000 Merijn Heijnen 1999-12-25 Based on the movie 'Scream'.
Screamstein 3D Merijn Heijnen 1999-08-15 Based on the movie 'Scream'.
Spongebobstein Metalor 2003-08-16
Star Wars Mäx 2006-10-28 3 level demo.
Star Wars 3-D Warren Buss 1994-04-12
Starship Troopers Steve Johnson 2002-10-30 Demo only.
South Park 3D TheDebonairNomad Cancelled
Southern Hell Metalor 2003-08-03 Based on South Park.
The Tracey Simpsons Show Officer-Michael John 2019-03-02
The Untold Story Mäx 2004-08-30
Warlock MrWolf 2002 Closed demo.