Wolfenstein 3D Wiki

This is a list of mods for Wolfenstein 3D (DOS and onward) that are based on a version for another system, or a different entry in the series. The MacenWolf port is related, but is designed to be completely compatible with the Mac version, rather than recreating elements for DOS based versions.

Title Author Release date Notes
Project Wolf3D SNES Fireboy224, Nexion 2007-2008; unreleased SNES version
Wolfenstein 3D: Claw of Eisenfaust AstroCreep 2018, 2019 SNES version
Mac-enstein First Encounter Andy Nonymous 2007 Mac version
Mac-enstein Second Encounter Andy Nonymous 2008 Mac version
Mac-enstein (All Three Encounters) Andy Nonymous 2012 Mac version
Triumph of the Will Andy Nonymous, Ponz 2007 Mac version
MACWolf Jimmy Cozad 2007 Mac version
37 ½ Encounter AstroCreep 2019 Mac, Jaguar versions
Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter Wolf3DGuy 2020 Mac version
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 3D Corrigan Jr, Geese 2012 Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Wolfenstein 3D Part 2: Rise of the Triad thandor.net 2015-05-07 Based on the original design of Rise of the Triad as a Wolfenstein 3D sequel