Wolfenstein 3D Wiki

This is a list of mods for Wolfenstein 3D (DOS and onward) that are based on a version for another system, or a different entry in the series.

Title Author Release date Notes
Wolfenstein 3D: Claw of Eisenfaust AstroCreep 2018, 2019 SNES version
Mac-enstein First Encounter Andy Nonymous 2007 Mac version
Mac-enstein Second Encounter Andy Nonymous 2008 Mac version
Mac-enstein (All Three Encounters) Andy Nonymous 2012 Mac version
Triumph of the Will Andy Nonymous, Ponz 2007 Mac version
37 ½ Encounter AstroCreep 2019 Mac, Jaguar versions
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 3D Corrigan Jr, Geese 2012 Return to Castle Wolfenstein