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! Title !! Author !! Release date !! Notes
! Title !! Author !! Release date !! Notes
| ''[[Blake and the Spear]] ''|| [[Joe Monaghan]] || 2003-12-27 || Based on Blake Stone.
| ''[[Blake Evolution]] ''|| [[Johnathan]] || 2003-01-30 || Based on Blake Stone.
| ''[[Blake Revolution]] ''|| [[Johnathan]] || 2006-03-10 || Based on Blake Stone.
| ''[[Blake Wolf]] ''|| [[Schabbs]] || 1999-01-13 || Based on Blake Stone.
| ''[[Corridor 7: Alien Wolf]]'' || [[Andy Nonymous]] || 1999-01-19 ||
| ''[[Corridor 7: Alien Wolf]]'' || [[Andy Nonymous]] || 1999-01-19 ||

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This is a list of Wolf3D video game modifications based on other video games. Early efforts are mostly consisting of graphical patches. You may have played some of the original games made by big corporations or AAA developers but thanks to dedicated homebrewing fans you can play some of those games in real low-budget style. It's Wolf3D in sheep's clothing!

Title Author Release date Notes
Blake and the Spear Joe Monaghan 2003-12-27 Based on Blake Stone.
Blake Evolution Johnathan 2003-01-30 Based on Blake Stone.
Blake Revolution Johnathan 2006-03-10 Based on Blake Stone.
Blake Wolf Schabbs 1999-01-13 Based on Blake Stone.
Corridor 7: Alien Wolf Andy Nonymous 1999-01-19
CounterWolf Ryan King 2000-10-01 Based on Counter-Strike.
Counter-Wolf 2 Ryan King 2004-05-18 Based on Counter-Strike.
Crash Bandicoot Metalor 2006-04-24
Crash Bandicoot 2 Metalor 2006-06-06
Dead World Rising Great Wasabi 2003-12-06 Based on Doom.
Dead World Rising 2 Great Wasabi 2004-05-04 Based on Doom.
DOOMenstein Loren G. Dobert 1994-10-29
Doom Universal Tour Metalor & Mega Luigi 2005-04-03 Demo only.
DOOM: Death Doesn't Wait Z. Franz 2007-10-19
Doom: Legions of Hell Insurrectionman 2007-03-19
Doom: Legions Revisited Insurrectionman 2010-12-25 Episode 1 only.
Doomenstein Bruce Ryder 1996-12-02
Doomenstein Revisited Joe Monaghan 2003-12-24
Duke Does Deutschland Medmonds 1998-03-15 Duke 3D graphics swap.
Goldeneye 64 Andrew Unknown
Grand Theft Auto III David O'Rafferty 2003-07-13
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Keith Krueger 2011-12-29
Half Life David O'Rafferty 2004-02-11
Halls of Stonehenge Majik Monkee 2003-11-01 Based on Blood.
Halls of Stonehenge: Special Edition Majik Monkee & Ack 2004-06-16 Based on Blood.
Halo Andrew 2004-07-13 10 level demo.
Hellraiser Mäx 2005 Demo prototype.
Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil Wes Desjardins Cancelled Possibly concept only.
Hitler's Ark Michael Collin 2007-04-26 Pardoy of Noah's Ark.
Intergalactic Marine Joshua Waight 2007-03-03 Based on Halo.
Klooni KFH Games 2007-12-08 Based on Doom.
Medal of Honor Airborne Wolfenstein3DFan 2009-02-04
Medal of Honor: Midnight Assault Insurrectionman Unknown
Megaman Legends 3 Keith Krueger 2012-01-07 Prototype
Megaman Legends Remake Keith Krueger 2011-11-26 Exists in 3 versions (dark, angel, normal)
Metal Gear Solid David O'Rafferty 2003-08-18
Metal Gear Solid 2 David O'Rafferty 2003-08-28
Monster Bash 3D Ryan Steinbruner Unknown
Mortal Kombat Ace of Bass 1993-09-13
Operation Body Count Andy Nonymous 1999-04-26
Perfect Darkenstein Kody 'Jo' Dagley 2002-01-22
Pokestein 3D Lizardcommando 2004-04-30 Demo
Quake Wolf 3D BREAxMODS Unknown
Quakenstein 3D Pete Jones 2004-03-30
Redneck Rampage RS Unreleased Screenshots from 2nd August 2004
Resident Evil Richter Belmont 2004-10-03
Resident Evil: Cover Operation Richter Belmont 2005-01-11
Resident Evil Unleashed Joshua Waight 2014-03-12
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 3D CorriganJr 2012-03-03
Street Fighter The Byterunners 1993-02-28
The Doom Spear Ian Summerfield & Mega Luigi 2004-08-18 Demo. Based on Doom.
The House of the Dead The Other Side weirdmodd666 2009-02-08 Only a beta exists.
The Sorcerer's Wrath Luke Strauman 2001-07-25 Demo. No direct connection but heavily based on Hexen.
Umbrella Beginnings: Discovery Jayngo 2009-04-23 Based on Resident Evil.
Umbrella Beginnings: Operation: End Epidemic Jayngo 2010-11-04 Based on Resident Evil.
Umbrella Beginnings: The Hand of Umbrella Jayngo Unknown Based on Resident Evil.
WolfenDOOM AReyeP 2000-11-11
WolfenDOOM II: The Depths of Hell Joshua Waight 2005-09-02
Wolfenstein 3D Part 2: Rise of the Triad thandor.net 2015-05-07
Wolfenstein Heretic Valiance 2000 Withdrawn. Possibly not released.