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The following is a list of sci-fi themed Wolf3D mods. They often feature a setting about the future or planets being ruled by killer robots and dangerous lasers growing everywhere. Some mods may blur the lines and delve into horror themes and scenery.

The high number of mods might be caused by Wolf's cousins (Corridor 7, Blake Stone and Doom) and sci-fi shooter being generally popular at that time. Quality ranges from exceptional futuristic like Absence to questioning oneself if people need a time machine because the future could be as hopeless as Technostein SSD.

In general those mods are for the people who wanted to be astronauts as kids but all they had were pixels. Now it's possible to travel space and beyond in full pixel glory. Beam 'em up, Scotty!

Title Author Release date Notes
Absence Havoc 2008-09-09
Absence II Havoc Unreleased
Alien Invasion Patch Majik Monkee 2004-06-03
Aliens DGM Cancelled
ALIENwolf M. Fleig 1993-12-07
Aliens vs Predators David O'Rafferty 2003-07-28
Alien vs. Terminator vs. Predator Dr. Von Loon 2007-01-27
Area 51 Luke Strauman 2003-08-13
Armor of Acheron: Zero HydraLancer Unreleased Turned into RetroBlazer
Astrostein Bruce Ryder 1996-10-02
Astrostein Spifferaneous 1999-04-25 Inspired by Ryder's Astrostein.
Astrostein 2525 Wes Desjardins 2002-07-20
Astrostein Laz Rojas 1996 Mod for Mac version.
Astrostein 2 Laz Rojas 1998 Mod for Mac version.
Astrostein 3 Laz Rojas 1998 Mod for Mac version.
Base 666 Joe Monaghan 2006-01-06
Blake and the Spear Joe Monaghan 2003-12-27
Blake Evolution Johnathan 2003-01-30
Blake Revolution Johnathan 2006-03-10
Blake Wolf Brian Lowe 1999-01-13
Borg Panic Cap'n Henk & Pikachu14 2009-08-22 Demo only.
Chex Quest 3D Atariangamer Cancelled
Code 44 Joe Monaghan 2009-07-15
Corridor 7: Alien Wolf Andy Nonymous 1999-01-19
Cube M2 Software Unreleased
Dalek War 2087AD Paul Stone Unreleased
Daleks Dr. Von Loon 2006-11-12
Dead World Rising Great Wasabi 2003-12-06
Dead World Rising 2 Great Wasabi 2004-05-04
Doctor Who Venom Inc. 2009-06-06
DOOMenstein Loren G. Dobert 1994-10-29
Doom Universal Tour Metalor & Mega Luigi 2005-04-03 Demo only.
DOOM: Death Doesn't Wait Z. Franz 2007-10-19
Doom: Legions of Hell Insurrectionman 2007-03-19
Doom: Legions Revisited Insurrectionman 2010-12-25 Episode 1 only.
Doomenstein Bruce Ryder 1996-12-02
Doomenstein James Ingham 2001 (unreleased)
Doomenstein Revisited Joe Monaghan 2003-12-24
Duke Does Deutschland Medmonds 1998-03-15 Duke 3D graphics swap.
Forbidden Weapon Joe Monaghan 2009-09-17
Get Goldfire Joe Monaghan 2004-01-13 Blake & The Spear 2
Goldfire 2010 Joe Monaghan 2010-02-06
GORE Ross Williams 2002-08-03
Half Life David O'Rafferty 2004-02-11
Halo Andrew 2004-07-13 Demo only.
Intergalactic Marine Joshua Waight 2007-03-03
Klooni KFH Games 2007-12-08
Krucible Joshua Waight 2016-09-25 Was withdrawn at some point.
Krucible: Insanitarium Joshua Waight 2011-10-30 A demo exists as well.
Krucible: The Wasteland Joshua Waight 2009-11-29
Megaman Legends 3 Keith Krueger 2012-01-07 Prototype
Megaman Legends Remake Keith Krueger 2011-11-26 Exists in 2 more versions (Dark, Angel)
Mega Wolf OmegAkira & Kanata 1994-04-06
Men in Black Dr. Von Loon 2006-12-21
Monster Land Acord Games 2010-09-12
Mutant Blobs from Uranus Ringman 2005-08-03
Nitehorrors3D Lane Unreleased Last seen February 2004
Operation: Alien Valts 2007-10-02 2-level demo.
Operation: Aliens Wes Desjardins 2003-03-12 1-level demo.
Perfect Darkenstein Kody 'Jo' Dagley 2002-01-22
Planet J: Captain Buck Tanner and the Space Clowns from Hades‏‎ Jayngo & Nexion Cancelled Planet Nexion spinoff.
Planet Nexion Nexion 2008-09-10
Predator Wes Desjardins 2003-06-27
Project F Batmanifestdestiny 2008-07-20 Alpha version only.
Project X Richter Belmont 2009-12-20
Project: X Insurrection Richter Belmont 2019-03-31
Quake Wolf 3D BREAxMODS Unreleased
Quakenstein 3D Pete Jones 2004-03-30
Rage Against the Machine Joe Monaghan 2004-02-02
Raw Meat Ryan Steinbruner 2002-05-31
Revenge Osiris 2005-02-22
Revenge 2: Escape from the Lost Dimension Osiris 2005-04-27
Revenge 3: The Invasion Osiris 2005-10-31 Demo only.
Robocop 4 Little Snabes & John Bucksnort 2001-01-06 Beta version only.
Robotic Justice Adam Biser Unreleased
Save the Universe - Part One Ross Williams 2002-07-31
Save the Universe - Part Two Ross Williams 2002-07-31
Silencer Redeemer & Woodstock 2008-05-08 Demo only.
Space Swarms V3r3k Unreleased
Spaced Out! Thomas 2021-04-09
Spacestein Maxim Zhukov 2000-03-24
Spear of Dreams Part 4 Richter Belmont 2005-08-29
Spear of Dreams Part 5 Richter Belmont 2005-10-05
SQ Wolf 3D Sledgy 2019-09-02 Demo
Star Wars Mäx 2006-10-28 3 level demo.
Star Wars 3-D Warren Buss 1994-04-12
Star-Ship Wolfenstein The Unknown 1992-07-15
Starship Troopers Steve Johnson 2002-10-30 Demo only.
Super Wolfhell Acord Games 2010-09-06
Technostein SSD AstroCreep 2000 Story says so at least.
The Doomed Invsaion off The Doomde... honto janai, Try Hard Wolfers 2021-03-03
The Ravenous Dunkelschwamm 2006-05-06
The Thing Wes Desjardins 2002-10-26
WolfenDOOM AReyeP 2000-11-11
WolfenDOOM II: The Depths of Hell Joshua Waight 2005-09-02
Wolffred Fred Kenny 2001-08-11
Wolfhell Acord Games 2010-07-11
Wolfhell 2 Acord Games 2010-08-04
Wolfhell 3 Acord Games 2010-08-09
Wolfrain Fred Kenny 2004-07-04
Yasher TEPA6ANT 2018-07-14 Demo
Zillion 3D smokingsimon 2014-03-25 Based on the anime Zillion