The following is a list of sword and sorcery Wolfenstein 3D game modifications. These tend to focus on fantasy concepts, medieval themes and magic. Imagine throwing Conan the Barbarian together with Wolf3D into a blender and the result is a more rough and primitive version of the video game Hexen or Heretic. Something along the lines of Catacomb 3-D and its sequels. Probably due to the limited appeal of the general theme and naked Schwarzeneggers there haven't been too many mods featuring this. Another reason might be the effort required to change the gameplay regarding melee combat and making it work in an ancient first person shooter. Therefore most of those mods are rather Total Conversions than simple mods. Some of the attempts are quite unique and change pretty much of Wolf3D. Orb of Dilaaria is praised as one of the best mods by quite a few players. In the end they are like Dungeons & Dragons but less turn-based and with more visuals.

Title Author Release date Notes
Dark Castlestein 3D stathmk & Acord Games Cancelled Died as concept.
Empire of Chaos Duartuss & AlumiuN Unknown Probably cancelled.
End of Dragons Joshua Waight 2010-01-03  Prequel to Return of Dragons. Demo exists too.
Heretic: Return of D'Sparil Wes Desjardins Cancelled Maybe concept only.
medEvil Majik Monkee 2006-03-03
Norse Joshua Waight 2010-07-11 1 level demo.
Orb of Dilaaria Adam Biser 2006-06-12
Return of Dragons Joshua Waight 2008-11-15 There is also a demo release.
The Fear of Magic F. Stjernholm 2002-05-05  
The Fear of Magic II F. Stjernholm 2002-05-15   
The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox Richter Belmont 2008-07-31
The Lost World Part 4: The Mage Guild Richter Belmont 2006-10-09
The Sorcerer's Wrath Luke Strauman 2001-07-25 Demo only.
Warlock MrWolf 2002 Closed demo.
Wolfenstein Heretic Valiance 2000 Withdrawn. Possibly not released. 
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