MINOTAURiii975's "Executioner" Character Sprite

MINOTAURiii975 (aka GrandmasterJ) was a modder from the United States who was briefly active in Wolfenstein modding from 2004 to 2005.  He came into the scene after being introduced to Wolfenstein 3D modding by his friend William Holly (going by Rocketboy680 at the time).  During this time MINOTAURiii975 released several graphical assets through Monkee's Image World[1] and one mod.

MINOTAURiii975 eventually lost interest in Wolfenstein 3D modding and had expressed that he has no interest in returning to it. However, after 15 years of absence from the modding scene, in March of 2020 MINOTAURiii975 made a surprise return with the release of his mod All Heil the Hunt for the Hidden Hitler!

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